Wordpress website| Wordpress themes|Wordpress web templates|Wordpress blogs| Website Builder

Wordpress website| Wordpress themes|Wordpress web templates|Wordpress blogs| Website Builder

February 04 , 2020

Wordpress the most popular web builder platform which is the easiest way to create your website. Almost 35% of websites on the internet are developed by Wordpress web builder that means 455,000,000 websites are using Wordpress platform.

What is WordPress

Wordpress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in this world. Wordpress started its journey in 2003 but its user-friendly management system crated one of the best impressions in the global market. In this time there are many CMS tried to catch the Web market but they could not stable. Wordpress started their journey as a blogging service & it's free registration for basic. Day by day they have updated their management system.

Is it open Source? Wordpress is an open-source system that's why users can easily download the file & users can host their own server. So If you think you are tinker in coding you can use WordPress because if you think you need not type any code line for making a beautiful website. Another fact is that WordPress is not like Wix, Squarespace or Weebly which you give fixed proprietary so we can say that Wordpress is one of the most friendly CMS.

What types of website do we make by WordPress ?

At first, WordPress come as a blogger tool but nowadays wordpress bring their massive change. Nowadays we can create any type of website with WordPress because their multi-type Wordpress templates plugins help us as easy tools to make a website.

You can create with WordPress:

  • Blog Website
  • E-commerce Website
  • Business Website
  • Resume Website
  • Forums
  • Portfolio
  • Membership Website
  • Social site

In a word, almost any type of websites we can create with WordPress. Though nowadays most popular to create an e-commerce website. In Bangladesh, there are many Web development companies in Bangladesh like ProjanmoIT, ProjanmoIT provides services to create E-commerce website in reasonable prices than any other Web development Company.

How to use Wordpress?

Wordpress use is a simple way to understand. Only two ways to Create your Wordpress Website.

Wordpress.org: Wordpres.org is called by self-hosted version.If you think you want to run your wordpress website on your self hosting then you can use it.You will remain fully control on your website over the full of wordpress function system. So Maybe Wordpress.org is the best choice to make your website.

If you have think, you need the best domain & hosting support in cheap price you can contact us.

Wordpress.com: Its the wordpress own hosted version, Just visit there & create your website. It's mean your website will run WordPress official server. Here also have some limitations to use your wordpress templates & wordpress plugins. you cant access them. You have to pay fee to WordPress for your own domain name. I think Wordpress.org is the right choice to create your website.

What is WordPress theme

Wordpress theme is basically lot of collection of stylesheet & wordpress templates which is displayed in wordpress websites. When you want to create your own wordpress website & also want to run it your own host, then you should visit wordpress.org & you will get Appearance in Wordpress dashboard. After entering Appearance you will get wordpress theme option, after entering that you will see a lot of stylish, Woo-commerce free & paid wordpress theme directory.  

Example: Wordpress Ecommerece theme is designed for only eCommerce entrepreneurs & eCommerce websites.

Types of Wordpress theme:

  • Basic Wordpress Theme
  • Parent Theme
  • Child Theme
  • Premium theme

In WordPress Dashboard have Wordpress Plugins which help you to extend functionality or add new features on your websites. There are almost 54,000 plugins in the WordPress plugin directory & have downloaded over 1.5 billion time. You can also upload your customized plugins.

Conclusion of WordPress

Wordpress is the best website builder where you can create your dream website easily. It doesn't mean that you need to know enough coding. So if you need any help about Wordpress Websites you can contact with ProjanmoIT.


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