How to create your Facebook Ads ? Facebook Ads : A Complete Guideline

How to create your Facebook Ads ? Facebook Ads : A Complete Guideline

February 10 , 2020

Facebook Marketing is a highly effective platform in Digital Marketing, It called social media marketing. Almost 1.69 billion users using Facebook for social media activities perspective. That means you will get a lot of target group customers on one platform. So day by day its gonna be the most popular marketing place among the Social media sites. Facebook marketing builds up positive images on the local perspective of Bangladesh. It's an impressive matter for us because indirectly it creates a lot of startup companies in Bangladesh. So when you do Facebook marketing you have to concern some things because of a proper Facebook marketing plan can create your successor stories. If you need a proper Facebook marketing plan then you can contact ProjanmoIT.

Create Facebook Page

Before Facebook Marketing, you have to create a unique Facebook page. Facebook page creation purpose you will be needed your brand logo, Facebook cover photo, your actual business or services information, actual location & other internal setups. More attractive pages give you more likes shares & engagement with your consumers.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is a marketing plan for knocking your target oriented people & turn them into customers of the products or services. Great marketing plan makes your brand great. Marketing strategy is the backbone of your marketing. A Proper market strategy depends on your product, budget, marketing investments, customer's requirement & also depends on those people which for you create your marketing plan. So you should be concern about those things.

Facebook Post

Facebook post is one kind of display board of your products or services. There are many types of Facebook post like Product centric posts, consumer engagement posts, occasion oriented posts, Video posts, Gif, etc.It depends on your customer & time period.
Facebook Post

More attractive posts bring you more customers & also engage the customer for purchase at a later time, You have to keep in mind to customer gener & age limitation, their interest before creating your Facebook we said that Facebook posts is the main element of your marketing.

Facebook Campaign plan

Facebook campaign is a Facebook page marketing plan which is appropriate for your Facebook posts, here are two types to reach your targeted people. One way is Organic Facebook marketing & Another way is Paid Facebook marketing.campaign plan helps you to take the decision which is better, So Facebook campaign plan is the step of your business. Example: For the New year campaign plan you can generate 20% off on your products' prices or services. For better campaign plan you can take consultancy with one of the best digital marketing company  

Facebook Boost

Facebook boostig will boost reach your post , create more engagement by paid money. So you should to know proper guideline about Facebook boosting . Because basically your Facebook marketing purpose investment will spent here. So I suggest you that if you don't know how to boost your page you should


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