File Sharing Website|Free File Sharing |Secure File Sharing

File Sharing Website|Free File Sharing |Secure File Sharing

February 09 , 2020

Internet is an important part of our daily life without the internet we can't think anything. So day by day its gonna be the great communication platform in the whole world. We share, exchange our important materials through the internet, because its the easiest & fast way to send any type of file, payment from your home to far away. As an example: I make a video about my pet cat, & want to send this video to my brother who stays in the USA then I have to use any type of sharing website. So it's the important things to know which website is the best familiar tool to share anything. Because you have to also think about your file security because it could be internal documents of your business or large file which can access multiple people. So let's talk about these kinds of Sharing websites There are many types of sharing websites on the online platform, All are Cloud-based. We'll talk about the most familiar & free secure websites.

Google Drive

Google Drive


Google drive is a google cloud storage service. Google’s cloud storage service where you can store your documents files, audio, videos- basically anything. Google Drive offers free 15GB of cloud storage to store all your documents, spreadsheets, and media files. Google Drive is a simple and user-friendly design makes it easy for the average user to get onboard the platform. If You want you can increase your space 




Dropbox has been the gold standard for file sharing and storage for quite a while now. Another giant in the file-sharing space, Dropbox offers cloud storage to keep all your files in one place. It also offers desktop clients and mobile apps to keep all your files in sync and within reach. Dropbox has become a crowd favorite due to its intuitive and simple design, hassles free synchronization between desktop, cloud, and mobile, and reliable servers.

One Drive



Microsoft provides secure ways to share and collaborate on content with coworkers and colleagues, both inside and outside your organization, thereby improving productivity and efficiency.

OneDrive is included with Office 365 and thus, enables you to seamlessly co-author Office documents across the browser, mobile, and desktop apps. You can even make edits to your files offline and Microsoft automatically uploads the changes next time you connect.

We Transfer

We transfer

you can send up to 10GB per transfer, as opposed to 2GB.You can password protect your transfers.You can store up to 50GB of data online, and your files stay online for four weeks, instead of seven days. You can store them longer by changing the expiration date and send your files to as many as 100 e-mail addresses per transfer, as opposed to 20.It also can share via Facebook and Twitter.Get your own WeTransfer channel, which includes a personalized URL ( and the ability to customize your channel with up to three wallpapers.




MediaFire is a cloud-based media storage service available to businesses and individual users. MediaFire’s service provides access to personal computers, tablets, and cell phones, so users can access their information from whatever device they choose. Users can store over 200 types of files with MediaFire, from documents, to pictures, and even videos.

Zippy Share



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your online file share experience simple, fast and minimalist. You can share large files quickly with anyone just in three simple steps.

Add your file(s)

Add recipient Email

Add your Email

There you go. You want even simpler experience? Just add your file(s) and select get a link that can be sent to anyone using any means of communication to get access to the file.ProntoShare completely eliminates the need for registration. You do not need to remember your id or password. Being this simple not only enhances transparency but also makes it hassle-free to use.


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