Email Marketing|Email Marketing Software|Advantages Of Email Marketing

Email Marketing|Email Marketing Software|Advantages Of Email Marketing

February 05 , 2020

In the year 1971, Ray Tomlinson worked in MIT’s Arpanet project, Nowadays we know as the Internet. He can't remember what he sent but so far he can remember that he sent: "test123 or QWERTYUIOP" it was the story of the first Email. There are almost 4.4 billion email accounts in this world. Google research base, we get that approximately 306.4 email sending per day. So by sending mail its a great chance to get a great response.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a direct digital marketing way to promote your products or services by sent emails. It's a highly effective way to influence your customers. By this marketing, you can create your target group as your customers. You can update your customers with your products or service information. Also, you can make your one time customer as regular customers. So Email marketing is a great way directly to know your products offer & direct communication with your customer.

Why we need Email Marketing?

  • Email is the most essential on the internet, Almost 95% of internet users use email. So you can reach your customers easily. if you think you want to reach your actual product basis customer you can do that easily because customers also appreciate this marketing.
  • Email Marketing method is high ROI(Return on investment) 
  • By Email marketing you can create your actual customer list. because of this marketing, you can build the impression of your products.
  • In communication channels, you can integrate your emails simply. you can attach your blending email on your Social Sites.
  • Email marketing also helps you as SEO purposes
  • You can track your email, who opens your mail, who visits your website through your email All you can see by tracking your email marketing software. so you can get the result from time to time.
  • Email marketing is m low investment method more than other Digital Marketing Methods.

Email Marketing Guidelines

  • At first, you have to analyze your product's target groups & their area. Like:
  • If you want to promote your Adult Product then you have to promote to adult perspective. If you want to sell this product in the UK. Then you have to mail Uk areas people. SO you should manage all first, it's more important for your email marketing
  • Then Create the mail list of your target customers classification wise,( if you don't know how to create mail list you can read our Another blog on how to build up your mail list).
  • You have to plan a great Email Marketing campaign.
  • Write Email Content & design great Email Templates.
  • Then start to send your Email Marketing.


Conclusion of Email Marketing

Properly email marketing gives you extreme feedback. IT will be a great way to update your customers by providing your product information. If You need any help or support you can contact ProjanmoIT.


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