CCTV Camera|Ip Camera|CC Camera Price in Bangladesh

CCTV Camera|Ip Camera|CC Camera Price in Bangladesh

February 06 , 2020

History: Though CCTV camera was first installed in 1942 by engineer Walter Bruch for observing the launching of the V-2 rockets in Germany but surveillance cameras were also used by the military in 1940. Until 1950 CCTV cameras were not popular and there is no opportunity to store or record any data, then in 1950 the record system was developed which was possible for open reel recording but the equipment of CCTV cameras was costly, shapes were bulky where photo quality was also poor. VCR technology made it easy to record, delete, store information in 1970 but still that period only ‘ high risk’ locations were deployed with CCTV cameras. From 1990 digital systems start to enable CCTV cameras in different areas and CCTV cameras start to get popularity.

Application of CCTV Camera:

Home Security: To monitor the activities of the members of a house and the external visitors or guests and their vehicles CCTV cameras are popular now. People also use mini cc cameras inside their home, they are available in cheap prices in the market.

Institutional Security: CCTV Cameras help to keep secure the institution buildings and keep records of all activities of the people. Branded Wi-Fi cc cameras are very popular.

Traffic Monitoring: To control and monitor traffic and keep records for further information CCTV cameras help.

Business Security: Business or office buildings are also using CCTV cameras for security purposes. Branded Wi-Fi cc cameras are popular in these buildings.

Hospital Security: Hospitals also use security cameras to monitor all the activities of the stuff and other people to be safe from any occurrence.

Public Transport: Nowadays transports use CCTV cameras for the records of the owner’s safety and security purpose of the passengers also. To check the price of CC camera in Bangladesh Click here.

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