Best SEO Company In Bangladesh

Best SEO Company In Bangladesh

March 08 , 2020

How To Rank My Website?

Most SEOs preach finding your page two rankings, then trying to push them to page one. That seems logical, but there are two reasons why this isn’t a great idea:

1. It’s not always easy to improve rankings by 10+ spots.

2. Merely ranking on page 1 shouldn’t be your goal if you want more traffic.

That first point should be pretty self-explanatory. Think of it like this:

It’s easier to win the match from two goals behind than it is from ten behind.If your primary target keyword gets 10,000 searches per month, then the numbers look roughly like this:

Position #5 → #4 = +210 visitors/month

Position #20 → #10 = +8 visitors/month


Keyword Research

At first, you have to sort a keyword for which you want to rank higher. Every keyword in this filtered report is one for which you already rank, but not in pole position. That means there’s still room for improvement. The next step is to skim this list for keywords that you most want to improve rankings for. Having said that, there’s no point chasing rankings for low-value keywords, or those that are likely to be difficult work. So here are a few things to look for to identify the best candidates. 1.Keywords that already drive the most traffic

2.Keywords with high search volumes

3.Keywords with low KD scores

4.Keywords with high business value

5.Non-branded keywords

6. Keywords without SERP features in the positions above you.

Searcher in internet

Google’s aim is to provide the most relevant result for any given query. Their entire business model relies on them being able to do this, consistently, across hundreds of billions of searches. For that reason, they’ve invested heavily into understanding the intent of queries, i.e., the reason a person typed a specific thing into Google in the first place. This is why none of the top-ranking pages for “link building” are from companies offering link building services. Google knows that people who search for link building are looking to learn, not buy. What does that mean for you? It means that if your page doesn’t align with search intent, you’re dead in the water before you even start. So how do you decipher the intent behind the search? The best and quickest way is to analyze the current first page of results for what we like to call the three C’s of searcher intent:


Content format

Content angle

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How many domains Refers

Generally speaking, then, getting backlinks from more referring domains should help you climb the ranks. So what you need to do is look at the SERP and eyeball the number of referring domains to the pages that outrank you. To do that, hit the “SERP” dropdown in the “Organic keywords” report for your chosen keyword. Look at the “Domains” column. For example, you can see in the screenshot above that we rank in position #7 for “SEO tools” with 97 referring domains. But the pages that rank above us 3–34x this amount! This is a clear indication that we need links from a lot more unique websites to rank higher. If you look at the same thing for the keyword “find the email address,” you can see that we have links from more referring domains than any of the other top-ranking pages:

Page authority

Google’s ranking algorithm is built on something called PageRank, which effectively measures the “backlink authority” of web pages. But unfortunately, Google discontinued public PageRank scores in 2016. Now there’s no way to see the PageRank of a web page. Luckily, we at Ahrefs have a similar metric to PageRank called URL Rating (UR). So, generally speaking, pages with more “backlink authority” tend to rank higher and get more traffic. Therefore, you shouldn’t only analyze the number of referring domains to the top-ranking pages, but also the UR of the pages that outrank you. To do that, look at the “UR” column in the SERP overview for your target keyword.

Website authority

website authority” metric called Domain Rating (DR), and we’ve found that this does correlate with rankings, albeit not as strong as other metrics.

Track Your Web Ranking

You can track up to 10,000 keywords in Rank Tracker (depending on your plan). We usually just track the primary target keyword for each page.

To set up your keywords in Rank Tracker, select a project, hit “Add keywords, paste or type the keywords you want to start tracking, select the countries you want to track,

then hit “Add keywords.” Rank Tracker > Project > “Add keywords” > enter keywords > Select tracked countries


Your Web site ranking higher on Google isn’t rocket science. But doing so for some keywords is more challenging than others. That’s why it makes sense to chase rankings for uncompetitive keywords for which you already rank on the first page. It’s then just a case of figuring out why you’re being outranked and doing everything in your power to fix those issues.

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